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The Junkies play an eclectic mix of songs from the 1960s to the present day. Although a deep love of Lloyd Cole, Paul Simon and the Byrds is at the very heart of the band, the process of including new covers usually starts in the car on the way home from rehearsals. Or sometimes, inspired by the DJ choices after gigs, and finishes with rigorous collective band decision-making.

Darryl and John initially conceived of a cool covers band – playing songs that are just slightly off-centre of the usual covers fare. Songs that you know but that you’ve forgotten you know. And just occasionally a song you really didn’t know – but that you really like. An emphasis on great songs and great songwriting that somehow transcends the time the songs were written in and that have embedded themselves in our souls.

If, we decided, we ever found ourselves in a pub playing say, Sweet Home Alabama, or Mustang Sally, it was probably time to gently unplug the guitars and tidy everything away. (No disrespect to Lynyrd, or Skynyrd.)

  • Beds are Burning
    Midnight Oil
  • Hungry like the Wolf
    Duran duran
  • Mrs Robinson
    Simon & Garfunkel
  • Scar Tissue
    The Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Mr E’s Beautiful Blues
  • The One I Love
  • Ruby
    Kaiser Chiefs
  • Catch the Wind
  • Oops! I did it again
    Britney Spears
  • Weather with you
    Crowded House
  • Fluorescent Adolescent
    The Arctic Monkeys
  • Rattlesnakes
    Lloyd Cole
  • Candy
    Paolo Nutini
  • Whistle for the Choir
    The Fratellis
  • Jerk it Out
    The Caesars
  • Pumped up kicks
    Foster the People
  • 4am
    Cherry Ghost
  • Back in the USSR
    The Beatles
  • Psychokiller
    Talking Heads
  • Blister in the Sun
    The Violent Femmes
  • Pump it up
    Elvis Costello

But this is a long way from the full list. Currently our set list covers about 3 and half hours of music – some 60 to 70 of the finest songs from many decades.

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