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Taking Darryl’s album Here come’s everything as a starting point, we have added some of John’s songs, and started to write collaboratively. At some point, there should really be another album.

Darryl: Here come’s Everything

Darryl’s album, originally released in 2007 under the Seven O’Clock Junkies banner. Spangly jangle 12-string pop songs written over a number of years and finally brought together in the studio and polished into this jewel of an album.

“We decided to make an album of songs that we had cherished for a long, long time and always knew were good, but just hadn’t found the time to record properly as we vanished off around the UK playing with our “proper bands.””

Sessions started in a tiny Hansel and Gretel cottage, on the edge of a beautiful wood in Gloucestershire England, around the time of the new Millennium.

“We were doing a Stevie Winwood – a Bob Dylan and the Band thing…This was our Woodstock recordings…!”

As the songs started to gel, literally every type of weird and wonderful, person would drop by. Musicians and non musicians galore, raving alcoholics, nudists, nudists wearing hats, eccentrics, pop artists, and anyone with a story they needed to get off their chest.

We didn’t know then – what was initially intended as a quick/private recording done for fun, was about to turn into a 5 year full blown recording project.

Some of the early takes found there way to radio stations as early as 2002.
London’s Xfm played “Everyone’s allowed a little dreaming” the first night we drove back into London to play our debut at the Waterats in Kings Cross.
It sounded like a song coming down from the gods as we weaved up the hard shoulder of the motorway in shock!

Bob Geldof came to hear of the band when a friend handed him a copy of a 4 song rough mix. He was heard saying on a radio station, that this band “restored his faith in pop music” and that “somebody should give them a proper release”…

All this early attention sent pulses racing and we returned to throw the weirdos out of the kitchen, punch a few walls and finish this thing proper. Before this we had never thought of putting a recording out… Is this a real band? How the hell do you put a record out from scratch anyhow?

Rather than rush to get it finished, we thought what the hell!…… and continued adding and scrapping songs and then recording them again, finally wrapping things up at Shonk Studios in Oxford where the Hammond B3’s, Mellotrons and Tambourines were wheeled out for the very last time.

So here it is….it’s pretty glorious and if you like this kind of thing – real keyboards of old, vocal harmonies deluxe, Rickenbacker guitars and all…it may just take you through a little tour of one or two or three or four of the great bands you love in your record collection. That’s record collection…not CD!

God How many years did this album take to come out?!!!!





 John’s album, also released in 2007 by Magnatune in the US who described it like this:

What is it about Bad Things Happen All The Time that makes it seem both instantly familiar and totally original? Maybe it’s how relevant Jackson’s writing is, with genius lyrics that reference war, history, and the frustration felt with those who turn a blind eye to these. Or maybe it’s how sophisticated the melodies are; they stick after just one listen, like a less elliptical Radiohead or something Bono might have written had he become a solo performer instead of a stadium rock god. Though bitingly critical, this music is never dispassionate or cynical. There are layers here, countermelodies, instrumentation…heart. The title track, “Bad Things Happen All the Time,” is a brilliantly subtle critique of the misguided optimism of political leaders, and is an absolute must-hear.

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