About the band

Darryl Everitt – electric guitars and vocals

Darryl is our lead and rhythm guitarist, lead and backing vocalist. He writes songs. He plays songs. He is also a photographer.

John Jackson – acoustic guitar, keyboards and vocals

John is the newest band member – joining in 2015 – he plays the acoustic guitar and sometimes the keyboards. He sings lead and backing vocals. He writes songs. He plays songs. He is also a web designer.

Dave Tilbrook – bass guitar

Our bass player David is a proper musician and is often to be seen smiling sardonically at our efforts to keep up with him. Change of key before playing The Hardest Part to a full pub and with no notice? No problem sir. He is also a psychologist.

Steve Clarke – drums

Our drummer Steve is the jeweller in our crown. Rock solid on the Mapex throne he keeps us all in time, pumps out the beats and arranges our hectic gigging schedule. He is also a jeweller.

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